(What is it? & How does it work?)

Micro-Coring® by Ellacor® is a revolutionary skincare technology that is changing the game in anti-aging treatments. Developed by Cytrellis Inc, this innovative procedure offers a non-surgical solution to remove sagging skin without the need for heat or invasive surgery. At RewindMD, we are proud to offer Micro-Coring® as a safe and effective alternative to traditional facelifts and other surgical procedures.

Using advanced Micro-Coring technology, hollow needles are used to remove micro-cores of skin, resulting in natural-looking results with no extensive downtime. This procedure softens folds and upper lip lines, providing the improved appearance that you've been looking for. Unlike traditional surgical methods, Micro-Coring® leaves the skin quickly realigning to close the cores, leading to improved skin architecture and a smoother, more youthful complexion.

With Micro-Coring® by Ellacor®, you can achieve the results you desire without the risks and recovery associated with surgery. This groundbreaking technology offers the best anti-aging solution for those seeking natural results and a refreshed appearance. Say goodbye to sagging skin and hello to a more youthful you with Micro-Coring®.

  • Sculptra® by Galderma
    Sculptra® stands as a pioneering collagen stimulator, harnessing the power of injectable Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) to revitalize the skin from within. As the first PLLA-SCA injectable collagen stimulator, Sculptra® redefines skin quality, restoring a natural glow and radiance that feels authentic to you. Developed by Galderma Laboratories, Sculptra® offers collagen-boosting results that go beyond mere superficial enhancement, addressing shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies and helping maintain a youthful complexion. By stimulating the body's natural collagen production, Sculptra® delivers gradual yet transformative results, ensuring a revitalized appearance and skin that feels like you again.
  • Radiesse® by Merz
    Radiesse® represents a breakthrough in regenerative aesthetics as the first Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) injectable developed by Merz Aesthetics. By harnessing the power of CaHA microspheres, Radiesse® triggers a regenerative response within the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans. This process, known as regenerative biostimulation, promotes angiogenesis and revitalizes skin quality, resulting in an immediate lift and contour, especially in areas like the jawline. Embracing the science of skin health, Radiesse® offers lasting results with minimized inflammatory responses, making it an ideal choice for anti-aging treatments. With its unique ability to enhance beauty with benefits, Radiesse® provides a one-of-a-kind glow while improving the overall extracellular matrix, ensuring revitalized and rejuvenated skin for a radiant complexion.