Hair Removal

(What is it? & How does it work?)

FRAC3® Hair Removal by Fotona represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of permanent hair reduction, utilizing a sophisticated combination of selective and homogeneous photothermolysis. This proprietary technique precisely targets hair follicles while ensuring minimal damage to the surrounding skin surface.

At the core of FRAC3® lies the innovative three-dimensional treatment pattern, meticulously designed to penetrate deep into the dermis with the SP Dynamis Pro by Fotona laser system. This cutting-edge technology ensures thorough coverage and efficacy in disrupting hair growth cycles.

Unlike traditional laser hair removal methods, FRAC3® not only halts current hair growth but also influences future hair regrowth to be thinner and lighter. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing outcome, with progressively diminishing hair density over time.

Patients can expect optimal results within three to five treatment sessions, making FRAC3® an efficient and convenient solution for achieving long-lasting hair reduction. With its reputation for delivering high-quality aesthetic treatments, FRAC3® sets a new standard in laser hair removal, providing clients with the confidence of smoother, hair-free skin without compromising safety or comfort.

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